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Is this a series made đồ sộ cure BL addiction?

It is already common enough for BLs đồ sộ suffer from the problem of character overload, but at least sometimes the part for the main couple is done well or there is enough cuteness and sweetness in the side couples đồ sộ make us overlook the flaws. In Love Area Part 2, however, the part for the main couple (actually the other parts as well) is botched up sánh badly that it has got đồ sộ be the work of some evil genius. It definitely takes talent đồ sộ be able đồ sộ screw things up this badly with the material started in Part 1.

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I recall Part 1 being quite bearable despite its flaws lượt thích random digressions đồ sộ side stories that lack development. But at least we see in Part 1 the conflict between Valen and Kaitoon at the start and how their relationship changes over time, and the promise of a romance between them at the over. Part 1 seems đồ sộ be going somewhere. I was hoping that Part 2 would avoid the flaws of Part 1. However, the flaws are accumulated and magnified instead.

In Part 2, there are even more barely related characters; love triangles become squares or some other polygon. The worst part of the story is the "development" of the relationship between Valen and Kaitoon. They become a couple and enjoy some sweet moments, but there really isn't much of a story đồ sộ speak of here. Perhaps đồ sộ add spice đồ sộ the thing that isn't much of a story, the evil genius lurking around decided that the love triangle with Valen, Kaitoon and Non (someone with a crush on Kaitoon) should be turned into some bizarre love polygon. So while Valen is in love with Kaitoon and getting jealous of Non for childish reasons, he inexplicably also gives some girl flowers, behaving lượt thích a shy teen with a crush. (Huh?)

But of course that is not enough "conflict" for the evil genius hiding in the production team. There must be a misunderstanding between Valen and Kaitoon that leads đồ sộ a break-up before the series ends, right? This is predictable fare except that the evil genius makes Valen's behavior totally illogical. Valen sees Kaitoon's group mate (Sean) being a third buổi tiệc nhỏ in King and Pete's relationship (King is Valen's friend) and somehow assumes that Kaitoon is in cahoots with his group mate đồ sộ give Pete a chance đồ sộ cheat on King. (HUH?)

Speaking of King and Pete, Pete's behavior is about as absurd as it can possibly get. First, his jealousy when he sees King with another guy is practically at psychopathic levels, suggesting an unhealthy obsessiveness. Next, his claim that he has suddenly disappeared and left King suddenly (Part 1) because of his struggles with depression is exposed đồ sộ be bogus. Even by the over of the series, the reason he has simply disappeared is unknown, just lượt thích his reasons for suddenly wanting đồ sộ trang điểm with King again. Yes, he has been in a relationship with another guy during the disappearance, but is this other guy the reason for his disappearance? Couldn't he have simply broken up with King if he had fallen in love with someone else? And if he is such a jerk, why does he seem genuinely sorry for what he has done?

And, trust u, there is more in all the main characters' behaviors in Episode 7 that will leave you stupefied--if you don't fall asleep watching scenes that look lượt thích some advertisement for a tour or the work of a travel vlogger. (They are actually visually appealing but not exactly interesting.) I don't have the ability đồ sộ describe the mess without using a few hundred words more, and I'm just too lazy đồ sộ tự it.

There is also the addition of at least two more love triangles just sánh that the scenes can jump purposelessly from one love polygon đồ sộ another and alienate viewers. The introduction of June, Bill and Sonya into the series appears đồ sộ be devoid of purpose. (And also: more illogical behavior thrown in.) Then there is also a (straight) love triangle involving Valen's sister that gets added in without development or resolution because -- why not? We are trying đồ sộ make the series as bad as possible, right? And maybe there can even be a Part 3, right?

By Episode 7, it is clear that even if Episode 8 (the final episode) salvages things a little, it cannot trang điểm for the experience of watching Episodes 1 - 7, which is by turns boring and infuriating. Indeed, Episode provides a bit of a closure. I bet the evil genius behind the mess was disappointed that he could not continue having fun. Do Valen and Kaitoon make up? I would love đồ sộ give a spoiler, but I can't really tell. It is not because we have an open ending. It's just that I can't be sure if the "ending" is just another daydreaming/imagination scene (like Kaitoon and Non's at the over of Episode 7).

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It's sad that Part 2 destroys: (i) the King/Pete pairing when there is potential for a much more moving story for them, and (ii) the character development of Valen in Part 1. It's also saddening that things don't over well for Non, who is a likable person and possibly the only sensibly portrayed character of any importance. Maybe Love Area is secretly The Tragedy of Non. While heartbroken King has friends who care (and even a possible new love interest) and June has someone đồ sộ cry đồ sộ, our poor Non does not even seem đồ sộ have a friend around đồ sộ console him.

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